Share with us an Argentine barbecue (asado) at our place in BA.

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What exactly is an asado?
Definitely not just good food. It’s a different experience: sharing,
talking, drinking and taking care of
what you’ll eat next.

An asado is a tradition. Want to
know the history? As any local
custom it started long time ago, in
the 17th century… we’ll tell you
about it. Based on meat, this meal is
very slowly and carefully cooked on
a grill using small amounts of
properly lit coal embers.

our asados


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We open our home to you.Cooking lessons

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Breathe the real atmosphere of our customs in, say, three hours.

“...we had an amazing time and have not
stopped raving about the asado.” Lilly & Sean

Share this typical meal
with an Argentine
family right in the heart
of Buenos Aires!!

You´ll enjoy the most famous special in our country, homemade, cooked in front of you and eaten by the grill at the same spot where we meet with our friends and family. You will see how the asado is prepared and we can teach you how to successfully repeat this experience at home with your friends and loved ones.

Something very different from what you can expect from any of the best known thematic restaurants in town. Superior and homey.

At least 24 hour in advance booking is required.

Address: 544 Castro Street, Almagro, Bs As, Argentina | Phone number: (011) 4982 7025 | Mobiles: Celia 15 5177 3974 . Luis 15 3096 3975 | E-mail: